A logo for me, shortly before graduating (and shortly after reading an article on Herb Lublin).
University of Central Lancashire. 1993.
Clever products for software developers – easy agile does it.
Folk. 2017.
Replaced their awkward Hippocampus (seahorse) logo. Say ‘sea’ and ‘horse’ more graphically.
Principals. 2004.
A Readify internal initiative: small teams form to solve big software technology problems
Folk. 2016.
“We get our clients back up and running.”
Freelance. 2003.
An child protection initiative by Barnardos Australia in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory).
Folk. 2015.
A lobby group for an industry who deal 100% in wool from Merino sheep.
Freelance. 2006.
A restaurant in Sydney’s CBD. (It didn't last long.)
EKH. 2003.
A TV arts channel airing creative expression and discussion. Left-brain right-brain stuff.
Principals. 2008.
A media and marketing company requesting ‘corporate with a twist’.
EKH. 2003.
A careers counsellor, opening doors for her clients. Olos is Greek for ‘complete’.
Freelance. 2002.
A friend’s band back in London. They were a four-piece.
Freelance. 1995.
A not-for-profit charity organisation, giving rise to initiatives with people with a profound disability. 
Folk. 2015.
A specialist BMW car mechanic, whose initials neatly echo the car’s famous ‘kidneys’ grille. 
Freelance. 2012.
A salubrious apartment complex in the middle of Macquarie Street, Sydney.
EKH. 2004.
An RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) initiative.
EKH. 2004.
A ‘not-the-norm’ media and marketing company.
Freelance. 2004.

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